Report on the annual accounts of the European Police Office for the financial year 2016 together with the Office’s reply

. The European Police Office (Europol) is a European Union agency supporting law enforcement activity, based in The Hague. Europol is governed by Regulation (EU) 2016/794 repealing Council Decision 2009/371/JHA of 6 April 2009. Its primary objective is to strengthen and facilitate cooperation in preventing and combating serious crime affecting two or more EU Member States, terrorism and forms of crime which affect a common Union interest. It does this through facilitating cooperation between Member States, providing analytical support, enabling law enforcement information exchange and producing threat assessment products.

2. Europol is financed from the general budget of the European Union. The final accounts for the financial year 2016 were drawn up by the Europol accounting officer, approved by Europol’s Executive Director and forwarded to the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission and European Court of Auditors (ECA), as required under Article 60 of the Europol Regulation.

3. Europol is funded as an agency of the European Union with a budget of £91.711 million (€104m). The ECA have examined Europol’s annual accounts for 2016 and have produced a report, in line with requirements.

4. The ECA provided a statement of assurance as to the accounts reliability, legality and regularity. The report was adopted on 19 September 2017.

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Department  Home Office 
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