REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL on the Interim Evaluation of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative for the period mid-2014 to mid-2017

1. This is the fourth annual report of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative (EUAVI, or the Initiative), setting out activities and achievements throughout 2016. EUAVI aims to provide practical support to humanitarian aid projects by providing volunteers who can help strengthen the local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities. It also provides technical assistance for organisations based in Europe to strengthen their capacity to participate in EUAVI. The programme started in 2014 and will run until 2020.

2. This has been the third fully operational year for the EUAVI. While achievements are growing, progress has been slower than expected – both in terms of expenditure and the number volunteers ready to go into the field.

3. This year’s report sets out the results from the mandatory interim evaluation of the Initiative, undertaken between May and November 2017, to give an indication of the impact of the scheme. Different tools were used in completing the review including online surveys; phone and face to face interviews, as well as three field missions in Latin America & the Caribbean; the Middle East and South East Asia.

4. The interim evaluation has found that the initiative has not yet been effective in achieving its five objectives:

• Contribute to increasing and improving the EU’s capacity to provide humanitarian aid;
• Improve the skills, knowledge and competences of volunteers;
• Build the capacity of hosting organisations and foster volunteering in third countries;
• Communicate the EU’s humanitarian aid principles agreed in the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid;
• Improve coherence and consistency of volunteering across Member States in order to improve opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid activities and operations.

Topic  Humanitarian assistance 
Department  DFID 
Council Reference  10988/18 
COM Reference  COM(18)496 
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PE Cons   
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