REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EP AND THE COUNCIL on the implementation of the Regulation (EC) No 295/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning structural business statistics

This is a Commission report on the implementation of Regulation (EC) No. 295/2008 on structural business statistics (SBS) covering statistics on; services, industry, trade, construction, business services, and business demography (numbers and types of businesses). Specifically it reports on the quality of SBS statistics provided by Member States and the impact of the regulation in terms of burden on businesses. Under Article 13(1) of the Regulation, the Commission is required to submit this report to the European Parliament and the Council every three years. The previous report was submitted in May 2014 (see scrutiny history below for details). The Report notes that generally, compliance with the Regulation was “very good” or “good” for most Member States; however, two countries continue to find it difficult to provide the full information required. On the issue of burden, the Report states that the Commission has worked with National Statistical Institutes to reduce the burden on businesses and has taken steps to remove certain requirements.

Topic  Statistics 
Department  ONS 
Council Reference  11645/17 
COM Reference  COM(17)419 
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PE Cons   
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