REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Summary of the annual implementation reports for the operational programmes co-financed by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived in 2017

1. The Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) was created by Regulation (EU) No 223/2014 with the objective of contributing to alleviating the worst forms of poverty in the EU, such as homelessness, child poverty and food deprivation. Under the terms of the Regulation, the FEAD can be used to support the most disadvantaged groups in society, by providing food, basic consumer items such as clothing, footwear and toiletries or by organising social inclusion activities.

2. The report from the Commission to the Council of the European Parliament summarises the implementation of FEAD operational programmes in 26 Member States, based on reports submitted by Member States in 2017, including types of activities funded and barriers to implementation. The report correctly states that as the UK’s FEAD programme had not been submitted to the European Commission in 2017, the UK did not deliver any assistance or provide an implementation report to the Commission in that year. The reason why the UK had not submitted the FEAD programme at this time is explained in paragraphs 16 to 19 of this Explanatory Memorandum.

3. Overall, the Commission’s report concludes that in 2017, the FEAD programme was on track regarding implementation on the ground. Of the 12.9m people estimated to have benefitted from FEAD assistance in 2017 (an average annual increase from the period between 2014 – 2017), the clear majority, 95%, received food aid. Comparatively, 4.5% of people supported received basic material assistance and 0.3% participated social cohesion activities.

Topic  EU Funds 
Department  Home Office 
Council Reference  10602/19 
COM Reference  COM(19)259 
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