Recommendation for a COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION on the 2019 National Reform Programme of the United Kingdom and delivering a Council opinion on the 2018-2019 Convergence Programme of the United Kingdom

1. On 5 June 2019, as part of the annual European Semester process of economic policy co-ordination, the European Commission issued a package of documents. This EM covers:
• A Communication on the 2019 Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs);
• A Council Recommendation on the UK’s Convergence Programme.

2. Explanatory Memoranda have been submitted in parallel covering CSRs addressed to Member States other than the UK, and Recommendations and Reports on the Stability and Growth Pact.

3. The European Semester is an annual EU-level framework for co-ordinating and assessing Member States’ structural reforms and fiscal policies, and for monitoring and addressing harmful macroeconomic imbalances across the EU. The 2019 process began in November 2018, with the publication of the 2019 Alert Mechanism Report (AMR) and the Commission’s Annual Growth Survey (AGS), setting out growth priorities for the following year. This year’s Semester has a particular focus on addressing investment needs, and all EU Member States received an investment-related recommendation.

Topic  Economic 
Department  HMT 
Council Reference  9954/19 
COM Reference  COM(19)528 
SEC Reference   
PE Cons   
C Reference   

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  1. 9954/19 - 317 KB - pdf
  2. EM 9954/19 - 231 KB - pdf

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