Proposal for a COUNCIL REGULATION on establishing the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking


The European Commission (EC) is proposing a Council Regulation to establish a public-private partnership in the form of a Joint Undertaking (JU) to procure and deploy new High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. Specifically, the JU will aim to acquire two HPC systems with pre-exascale performance and support the development of exascale performance systems by 2022-2023. Exascale performance is defined as machines capable of a billion-billion calculations per second, with pre-exascale machines operating at around 20-50% of this capability.


HPC technology is essential to Europe’s scientific capability, innovation capacity and industrial competitiveness. It has applications across all scientific disciplines, for example in the early detection of diseases, forecasting climate evolution, national security and increasing the efficiency of industrial processes.

The EC states that current European-HPC infrastructure does not meet the needs of scientists and industry and researchers are increasingly reliant on non-EU technology for data processing. This carries risks to the protection of personal and sensitive data. To mitigate this risk the EC is proposing to build its own supercomputer infrastructure with enough capacity for European users.

Although the UK is one of the world leaders in this field (both in science research and use by industry) the EU and its Member States (MS) generally invest less in HPC technology compared to other leading nations such as the USA, China and Japan. Currently the EU has no supercomputers listed in the world’s top ten.

The EC is proposing a new legal and funding structure – the EuroHPC JU. This JU is designed to facilitate the necessary collaboration for Europe to deploy new HPC infrastructure and eliminate reliance on non-EU technologies.

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Department  DBEIS 
Council Reference  5282/18 
COM Reference  COM(18)8 
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