Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION on the conclusion of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco, the Implementation Protocol thereto and an exchange of letters accompanying the said Agreement

1. This proposal relates to the new fisheries agreement between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco. This follows on from negotiations between the two parties for a new protocol to the agreement and an amendment of that agreement. One of the aims of those negotiations was to ensure that any new agreement reached was in accordance with international law and complied with the judgment of the (Court of Justice of the European Union) CJEU in case C-266/16.

2. The primary differences between this proposal and the previous agreement/protocol relate to: the inclusion of the waters adjacent to Western Sahara; the financial compensation; commitments on how the funds are used geographically and; better alignment with the most recent reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. The inclusion of Western Sahara is without prejudice to either party’s interpretation of the status of Western Sahara.

Topic  Fisheries 
Department  DEFRA 
Council Reference  12864/18 
COM Reference  COM(18)678 
SEC Reference   
PE Cons   
C Reference   

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