Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION concerning the allocation of funds decommitted from projects under the 10th European Development Fund for the purpose of replenishing the African Peace Facility

1. This draft Council Decision authorises the use of EDF 10 decommitted funds and funds from EDF 11 to replenish the African Peace Facility (APF).

2. The proposed Council Decision is for an ‘uplift’ of funding to the APF using €445.86m (£382.7m ) from decommitted funds under the 10th EDF and €369m (£316.7m) from the Reserve of the 11th EDF.

3. The proposed allocation from the 10th EDF decommitted funds and 11th EDF reserves was passed at the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) working group level by Member States on 26 March.

4. The APF is a key component of the EU’s engagement with the African Union (AU). It is financed through the EDF and has played a crucial role in supporting the AU’s Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) to help prevent, manage and resolve conflicts and to provide additional support to peace support operations.

Topic  International Development 
Department  DFID 
Council Reference  7610/19 
COM Reference  COM(19)139 
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PE Cons   
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