JOINT COMMUNICATION to the European Parliament and the Council on Improving Military Mobility in the European Union

1. The document is a Joint Communication from the European Commission to the European Parliament and the Council outlining how the EU can help improve military mobility within Europe by defining the issues, and identifying requirements and lines of action. Ultimately it serves to inform the European Parliament and the Council that an action plan will be presented to Member States for endorsement by March 2018.

2. The Communication is six sections. The Commission introduces the issue, noting the physical, legal, and regulatory barriers that currently impede the movement of military personnel within its territory. It then describes initiatives to solve the ongoing issues in the EU, NATO and other multinational frameworks; it recognises the need to avoid duplication. The Commission lists a non-exhaustive set of requirements for efficient military mobility that will need to be fully explored and agreed by Member States for further EU action. The next section develops these requirements to identify broader lines of actions - infrastructure, regulatory and procedural issues and hybrid threats - that could be addressed by the newly established Ad Hoc Working Group on military mobility within the European Defence Agency. Section 5 calls for coordination and dialogue with other stakeholders, notably NATO. The final section concentrates on the “way forward”, which is for the High Representative and the Commission to present an action plan on Military Mobility for Member States’ endorsement by March 2018.

Topic  Defence 
Department  FCO 
Council Reference  14237/17 
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JOIN  Join(17)41 
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