Draft amending budget N° 2 to the general budget 2017 entering the surplus of the financial year 2016

1. On 12 April 2017 the European Commission published its Draft Amending Budget (DAB) No. 2 to the General Budget 2017 (DAB2/2016), which reflects the surplus revenue resulting from the implementation of the 2016 European Union Budget.
2. In line with established practice, the document presents a figure for the surplus revenue arising from the implementation of the 2016 EU Budget. The figure reported is €6.405 billion (£5.48 billion ), which will be entered as revenue in the 2017 budget. This surplus is the result of the EU spending €4.889 (£4.186) billion less than expected, and raising €1.688 (£1.445) billion more than expected. There is a small offset due to exchange rate fluctuations costing €0.173 (£0.148) billion.
3. Entering this surplus into the 2017 EU Budget will reduce the amount to be financed by Member State contributions to that budget. Final Member State contributions to the 2017 EU Budget will also be influenced by other factors, such as the amount of customs and other duties collected, VAT based contributions to the EU and GNI forecasts.

Topic  Budget 
Department  HMT 
Council Reference  8257/17 
COM Reference  COM(17)188 
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