Council Regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 401/2013 of 2 May 2013 concerning restrictive measures in respect of Myanmar/Burma

1. The attached draft Council Decision and Council Regulation prolong the restrictive measures against Burma for a further 12 months (until 30 April 2019) as the current measures expire on 30 April 2018. They also expand the scope of the existing arms embargo and establishes a framework for targeted sanctions against senior military officers of the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) and the Border Guard Police, and associated persons.

2. The restrictive measures consist of:

• A ban on arms exports and exports of goods that might be used for internal repression. These draft documents add further restrictions on the export to Burma of dual-use goods, on equipment for monitoring communications and on military cooperation;
• A framework through which asset freezes and travel bans can be imposed on persons from the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) and the Border Guard Police, and associated persons, responsible for serious human rights violations, for obstructing the provision of humanitarian assistance to civilians in need and for obstructing the conduct of independent investigations into alleged serious human rights violations or abuses.

Topic  Restrictive Measures 
Department  FCO 
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