COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL, THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL A stronger global actor: a more efficient decision-making for EU Common Foreign and Security Policy

1. In his State of the Union Address in September 2018, President Juncker called for greater use of qualified majority voting (“QMV”) in the certain areas of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (“CFSP”):

“Last but not least, by Sibiu I want to make visible progress in strengthening our foreign policy. We must improve our ability to speak with one voice when it comes to our foreign policy.

It is not right that our Union silenced itself at the United Nations Human Rights Council when it came to condemning human rights abuses by China. And this because not all Member States could agree.

It is not right that one Member State was able to hold the renewal of our arms embargo on Belarus to ransom, or that sanctions on Venezuela were delayed for months when unanimity could not be reached.

This is why today the Commission is proposing to move to qualified majority voting in specific areas of our external relations. I repeat what I said last year on this matter. We should move to qualified majority voting not in all but in specific areas: human rights issues and civilian missions included. This is possible on the basis of the current Treaties and I believe the time has come to make use of this "lost treasure" of the Lisbon Treaty.”

Topic  Common Foreign and Security Policy 
Department  DFID 
Council Reference  12425/18 
COM Reference  COM(18)647 
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