Amended proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the establishment of 'Eurodac' for the comparison of biometric data for the effective application of Regulation (EU) XXX/XXX [Regulation on Asylum and Migration Management] and of Regulation (EU) XXX/XXX [Resettlement Regulation], for identifying an illegally staying third-country national or stateless person and on requests for the comparison with Eurodac data by Member States' law enforcement authorities and Europol for law enforcement purposes and amending Regulations (EU) 2018/1240 and (EU) 2019/818

On 23 September the Commission published a Communication on a New Pact on Migration and Asylum, see COM (2020) 609. This EM considers the proposals related to reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). In bringing forward these proposals the Commission has reflected once more on the shortcomings raised by the migration crisis in 2015/16 and the inter-institutional debates since its 2016 package of proposals to reform the CEAS, upon which it has not been possible to reach agreement.

The proposals within the New Pact aim to build EU systems that manage and normalise migration for the long term while also addressing the existing pressures and crisis situations. They seek to bring together the areas of migration, asylum, integration and border management for overall effectiveness. Some proposals preserve compromises already reached on existing proposals put forward in 2016, some have new elements added to seek to address the gaps between the situations in and positions of different Member States. The Commission has published a number of proposals, but also envisages a number of other measures and actions in the future. The focus now is on the next six months and implementation of the package over the next three years.

Topic  Migration 
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COM Reference  COM(20)614 
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